Monthly Archives: October 2006

ZeFrank, Yay! Rocketboom, meh

There has been some sort of kerfuffle because Ze Frank suggested that Rocketboom’s viewership numbers were inflated, making it difficult for other video bloggers, like Ze Frank, to sell sponsorships. Whatever.

I’ve watched maybe a month’s worth of Ze Frank in 4 or 5 sittings punctuated by snorts and giggles. I’ve liked every one, a lot, and I look forward to the fact that I can watch a bunch more on my iPod the next time I’m stuck in a waiting room somewhere. Until today, I’ve never once watched Rocketboom, not even after trying to avoid all the bits wasted a few months ago after the firing/defection of the former frontwoman, but I thought I should actually watch it and form an honest opinion, rather than just posting that I like Ze Frank sooo much more.

So, I’ve been watching recent episodes of Rocketboom for the first, and probably last time. It’s probably better than 95% of the stuff on basic digital cable, but that’s not saying much, which is why I’ve never bothered springing for cable. I’ll keep filling my iPod with Ze Frank though, and might even make a point of watching them in a timely manner from time to time.

New(ish) Version of Textile for WordPress

Before the WYSIWYG HTML editor in WordPress 2 came along, I relied heavily on a WordPress version of Textile to simplify my hypertext markup. I’ve been thinking of starting to use it again though, because of quirks with the built in editor, but Textile really grabbed my attention today because it was mangling a link with underscores in it (converting them to tags).

That got me to check and see if there was a new version of the textile plugin, and lo, there is, and it fixed the problem I was having. If you use Textile in WordPress, I suggest you upgrade too.