Monthly Archives: October 2006

George Bush Doesn’t Get It (as Usual)

So, John Kerry made a clumsy joke at a campaign appearance at a university. Now Bush and the Republicans (aided by their standard stooges) are trying to campaign on it (because, you know, what else do they have to run on besides pride, greed, dishonesty, failure and incompetence)?

US military ‘plenty smart’: Bush hits back | The Daily Telegraph
US PRESIDENT George W. Bush today blasted Democratic Senator John Kerry for saying people who neglected their education “get stuck in Iraq” and demanded an apology to troops.

George, you dolt, the “people who neglected their education,” are you and your cronies, and “get[ting] stuck in Iraq” is what your brilliant leadership and failure to do your homework has done for us.

YouTube is Napster Done Right

Rumor has it that You Tube gave a bunch of equity to various large media companies to keep them at bay until a wealthy suitor could be landed. Napster tried to do something similar, but by the time they hit upon the strategy of cutting the media companies in, it was far too late.

If the rumors are true, then the media companies worked the deal in such a way as to screw all the other people who should be getting a piece of the action (like the actors, directors, producers, etc) from the pirated video that made YouTube what it is.