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Test your web design in different browsers – Browsershots

Browsershots is an awesome tool for web development. Why, you may ask, is it so awesome? Well, let me tell you!Firefox 1.5 on Linux

  1. It lets you see screenshots of how your pages render in multiple versions of dozens of different browsers on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD
  2. It’s Free! You submit a request to their central server. Machines of volunteers process requests and upload the result for you to view. In my experience, it doesn’t take very long, but if you need faster turnaround, you can pay for priority service
  3. You can help out. You can set up a computer with some unusual browsers and install a small software package so it can help process requests.
  4. If you are worried about confidentiality, or you just want more predictable levels of service, you can download the software and set up your own browser farm.
  5. It is open source and it has an API, so you can improve and customize it.


I am again contemplating what to do about this blog. I’ve been putting sharing a lot of stuff on facebook and friendfeed, but neither one really lends itself to adding much commentary to the item. That’s not all bad, I’ve often felt that my posts here could be more concise, but I’d like a better option.

The Media isn’t Running For President

Once again, the Republicans are running against the media, complaining about liberal bias, whining about how poor Sarah Palin is a victim.

I’m sick of it. The media is not and never will be President of the United States. Quit your bitching.

Oh, BTW, of all the people running for the Whitehouse, only one has been part of the media. That would be Sarah Palin.