Zune Posts Bring out the Sleaze

My posts about the Zune have been picked up by a dubious website called ZuneComplaints.net. My first thought was that it is some sort of automated scraper site, but the volume of postings is low enough that there must be a human involved somewhere. However, all they seem to be doing is excerpting a significant portion of the post (40-75%) and posting it with the same title, and a single link back to the original post. No commentary is added, not even a little bit. Of course, they are using Google ads on the site.

If I have a chance tonight, I’m going to file a DMCA take down complaint against them. If they’ve been republishing your blog posts, I suggest you do the same thing.

Speaking of Zune and Sleaze, I noticed that someone from the Seattle branch of a big national PR company (Edelman) read my Zune posts.

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