Microsoft Windows Vista Rattled my Dog

I hate to do another Microsoft related post, but the truth must get out. Microsoft Vista scared my poor dog. It started about half an hour ago, and she’s still anxiously running about the house, panting and whimpering.

I couldn’t figure out what the ruckus was. At first I thought federal troops were lobbing artillery and precision bombs into Seattle’s liberal enclaves, trying to eliminate opposition to the president and his policies. Then I thought maybe Mt Rainier had erupted. Nothing on the news about either one though, so I started doing some searching on the web and found out that Microsoft was throwing a fireworks show to promote Vista. Must have been a big one too. Sounded louder than the 4th of July show that they do in the same area of town.

One thought on “Microsoft Windows Vista Rattled my Dog

  1. TD

    As it turns out Windows Vista is frightening more than just the pooches in neighborhood. It is probably the most annoying OS MS has ever introduced–worse even than the previous disaster called ME. Also it seems that the new “improved” OS was NOT welcomed as MS had hoped. Kind of like Donnie Rumsfeld’s prediction that the US would be welcomed into Iraq with open arms. It is my fervent hope that MS recalls Vista and junks it. It is a resource hog at the very least. Our evaluation machine is 3.33mhz with 512mgs DDR2 RAM and it runs like a decrepit dalmation. Good luck to the suckers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

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