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As I noted yesterday, a site called, which is made up pretty much entirely of text taken from other blogs, has cribbed the bulk of a couple of my Zune posts. They’ve since pulled my posts I left them comments on both pointing out that they were essentially building site with “borrowed” content, without adding anything of their own. Of course, they haven’t done anything with all the posts they’ve cribbed from other blogs. I may spend a little time tonight bringing things to the attention of their other victims.

Zune Posts Bring out the Sleaze

My posts about the Zune have been picked up by a dubious website called My first thought was that it is some sort of automated scraper site, but the volume of postings is low enough that there must be a human involved somewhere. However, all they seem to be doing is excerpting a significant portion of the post (40-75%) and posting it with the same title, and a single link back to the original post. No commentary is added, not even a little bit. Of course, they are using Google ads on the site.

If I have a chance tonight, I’m going to file a DMCA take down complaint against them. If they’ve been republishing your blog posts, I suggest you do the same thing.

Speaking of Zune and Sleaze, I noticed that someone from the Seattle branch of a big national PR company (Edelman) read my Zune posts.