Broadcast TV is Resembling Cable TV More and More

More TV – One thing I have noticed
is that broadcast TV is resembling cable TV more and more. More reruns,
more re-use.

The local NBC affiliate has a second station that reshows the
nightly news broadcasts on a different schedule, as well as re-showing other
of their locally produced content along side of various syndicated and paid
programming (including what amount to Today show re-runs form decades past).

The local FOX station shows reruns of Seahawks football games on a second
chanel (or was it the WB, which they also own) .

Now, I thought consumers were supposed to see some benefit from allowing companies to own more than
station in a given market (maybe no such promises were made), but I’m not
sure I see what the benefits are and how they justify using scarce RF spectrum
to save people the trouble of learning how to program their VCRs.