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Metafilter | Pencil Lead Sculptor

Metafilter | Pencil Lead Sculptor

Amazing Pencil Lead Sculptor Dante Ghetti carves intricate, tiny sculptures out of the lead of draftsman’s pencils, using the pencil stub as the mount for the finished piece; amazing. I realize this post doesn’t offer much in the way of vigorous debate (“I like tiny sculptures” “They suck. You suck!”), but what can I say, I think it’s pretty damn cool. (from BoingBoing via Metafilter)

Freaky looking guy. Amazing little sculptures. Check out the photo on the wall behind him.

Metafilter | Gone to Croatan

Metafilter | Gone to Croatan — Hi, Iconomy! comments

In the late 18th or early 19th century a group of runaway slaves and serfs fled from Kentucky into the Ohio Territory, where they inter-married with Natives and formed a tribe – red, white & black – called the Ben Ishmael tribe. The Ishmaels (who seem to have been Islamically inclined) followed an annual nomadic route through the territory, hunting & fishing, and finding work as tinkers and minstrels. They were polygamists, and drank no alcohol. Every winter they returned to their original settlement, where a village had grown…

My wife insisted I look at metafiilter. Now I have lots to read.

Infocom Products – Cornerstone Until

Infocom Products – Cornerstone

Until now, unless you were trained in computer programming, you’ve been unable to realize the full potential of your personal computer.
That’s why we created Cornerstone, the first sophisticated database system designed specifically for the non-programmer.

Try a demo of the the product that killed Infocom!