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BTW, for people who think the woman’s movement started in the 60s, check out The Women, a movie made in the best movie year ever, 1939. Norma Shearer gives a speech to her mother about how things were different, back when women were considered chattel. Now they’re equal to men, says Shearer’s character. While a feminist could make a reasonable argument that the movie is sexist, it also carries the feminist message, strongly, in the 30s, way way before I was told (when I was a kid) that it existed. Women of my mother’s generation (she was seven when the movie was made) said the same thing Shearer said, quite a few years later. The data is out there, feminism was brewing for a while if only in Hollywood.

Woman’s sufferage certainly went beyond Hollywood. And don’t forget, prohibition was driven by a seemingly strange alliance between puritan prudes and feminists who were sick of women getting beaten and impoverished by their drunkard husbands.