Random Thoughts on the Invasion of Iraq (currently in progress)

Some random thoughts
(some of which belong to others that I am too lazy to link to right now)

1. I’m glad to see we have made such swift progress into Baghdad. I’m still worried about the chance that prolonged geurilla style fighting and other factor will turn this swift victory into a long defeat.

2. One possibility is that our “leaders” emboldened by apearant success in Iraq will decide to roll into another country, like Syria or Iran. It seems pretty clear that they have had larger plans for some time, and the way things have gone in Iraq and Afghanistan is only going to embolden them. Another adventure will only further strain the resources we have for securing and rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as playing to world concerns of imperial ambition.

3. I take issue with news reports characterizing the incident with the car bomb and the pregnant woman that killed 3 US Army Rangers as a suicide bombing. More likely, I think, is that the woman’s cries for help were genuine. She had been set up, forced to drive a car full of explosives by some thugs. It wasn’t a suicide bombing. It was murder.

4. All the whoopdeedoo about the woman POW who was rescued is unseemly. I’m glad they got her, but its hard not to think of the fact that the rest of her squad is dead. Its hard not to think of all the physical and emotional scars she is likely to bear.

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