NPR : Homeland Security –

NPR : Homeland Security – Part II
This NPR report covers legislation that passed the Senate to require producers and users of industrial chemicals to reduce the risk that their stockpiles could be leveraged in a terrorist attack.

Since the legislation passed the Senate, private industry has mobilized their lobbying clout, making good use of their investments in congressmen and the president, stimying attempts to turn this legislation into a law.

The only administration official willing to go on record is a sr member of the Homeland Security Department, arguing that imposing regulations on private companies is excessive, not to mention unfair.

Much better, I suppose, to rape civil liberties in the name of the war on terror.

One thing that occurs to me, supply-chain-management vendors might have an interest in such legislation. They could help companies reduce their inventorys of industrial chemicals, which could, in turn, reduce the risk that a terrorist could steal or release those chemicals as part of a terrorist attack.