George W. Bush: Bring Them On

Phillip Greenspun’s Weblog

George W. Bush today, the most powerful man in the world, directly addressed Iraqis who are sniping and firing grenades at American troops: “bring them on”, he taunted, according to this NYT story. As noted in my Boston-Alaska-Baja-Boston 2002 trip report, this seems like a bad idea. What better way to make a guy with an AK-47 feel important than by challenging him through a televised speech?And surely American boys will die as a result of this speech. It sounds like W. mano a mano with a young Muslim. But having been a passenger on an airplane that makes a carrier landing does not make our President into a front-line soldier. It will be some kid from North Carolina that gets killed.

He is exactly right. [thanks to for the link]

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