I am so pissed

I am so pissed
I just wrote a long post with a bunch of links and IE/Blogger ate it!!

So, rather than recreate it, i’m just going to do this.

1. Rumors kick around that Iraq is trying to acquire yellowcake uranium ore in Niger.
2. In early 2002, a former US ambassador goes to Niger to investigate the rumors and reports back that the rumors are almost certainly bogus.
3. A few weeks ago, the ambassador goes public with his findings, embarrasing the Bush administration further.
4. A few days ago, an article in Time Magazine reports that the same ambassador’s wife is a CIA operative based on communication from two senior administration officials. This seems like a bad thing for two senior administration officials to do, the sort of thing that can ruin reputations, put lives at risk and destroy a lot of time and hard work. Probably criminal, to boot.

WTF!!!! How can we explain this?
a) Are the senior administration officials stupid?
b) Are they paying back the former ambassador (and sending a message to others) by coming after his family?
c) Are they firing a shot across the bow of the CIA, warning it that it better tow the line, or else?
I don’t like any of these explanations.

I also don’t like that this is happening at the same time that Rumsfield is building his own intelligence infrastructure — especially since they are the ones responsible for a lot more dubious intelligence about Iraq, indicating that either they are particularly stupid, particularly partisan, or both.

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