Commander Turkey

I’m know I’m late to the party posting on this now, but its been sticking in my craw ever since Thanksgiving dinner and I have to get it out.

George Bush’s trip to Iraq for thanksgiving dinner with US troops sickens me on so many levels.

1. Foolish Risk. Sure, they went to a lot of trouble keeping the trip secret, even keeping secrets from secret service agents according to one front pagelead I read(Because, appearantly, our Secret Service can’t be expected to protect our President? Yay!). But once that big-ass plane with the seal of the President of the United States of America on the side touched down, you can be pretty sure his cover was blown. Why wouldn’t the few hours he spent on the ground be enough time to set up to strike the plane on take-off? Nothing happened, but it seems like a big risk to take.

2. Cynical. Did you know that Hillary Clinton was also in Iraq at about the same time? I didn’t until just recently, which would seem to be part of the point of the Bush trip. Not only does George Bush take an unnecessary risk to score a photo-op, but appearantly its a stunt designed to head off a critic. What stupid stunt will he pull next?

3. Lame. If he were just about anyone else, I would think its at least a good thing that Bush see something of the mess he’s created, but Bush has built a reputation for surrounding himself with people who hold rose colored glasses to his face whenever he bothers opening his beady little eyes, and besides that, what is he going to see in a few hour visit, mostly spent stuffing his face and posing for the cameras?