Sure, choosing MikeRoweSoft.com for your domain name is cute if your name is Mike Rowe, and sure, you get a lot of free publicity when Microsoft comes after you for infringing on its trademark, but is it really a good domain name for a business?

I mean, the whole reason its cute, is that its a homonym for the name of a very prominant company in roughly the same industry and the problem with homonyms is that they can be confusing. So, if Mike Rowe verbally communicates his website address to someone they are pretty likely to think he said “microsoft.com,” at which time they will probably decide he is being a smart ass, and isn’t interested in their business. Or, perhaps they know that his name is “Mike Rowe,” only they think it might be spelled “Roe.”

Its just not a good name for a business website.

One thought on “MikeRoweSoft.com

  1. Ballard dude

    This totally sounds like someone who is stuck in the bowels of the borg, man. You are like totally assimilated now. Where is the rebellion gone, man.

    hugs and kisses

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