Google IS evil?

Boing Boing: Online t-shirt store: “we were gagged by Google”

From: Google:The following…items that must be removed from your site in order to continue advertising with Google AdWords:

Recall Bush – White T-shirt (with radio control on head)
Dumb and Dumber White T-shirt – Bush and Blair: The Movie
You’re Fired – George W. Bush White T-shirt
Dump Cheney White T-shirt – “Halliburton” tattooed across head
Miserable Failure T-shirt – George W. Bush
Kerry sucks (too) – T-shirt”

If this is true, then I’ve pretty much had it with Google. I have my doubts thought. Google backlash is growing in the run-up to their IPO, and stoking it would be a good way to get some free publicity.