More sub-par digital media fun

I was recently given this swell Black Adder DVD collection. It has all the shows and specials, plus various other rot. As far as I can tell, it lacks much in the way of swell commentary like that on the Simpsons and Buffy sets, but thats not why I’m writing about it in my blog.

I’m writing about it in my blog, because they decided to pack a full season (or series) on each DVD. This makes for efficient use of shelf space, but it sacrifices quality. Overall, its fine, better than the old commercial VHS tapes I have, and much better than the off-air recordings I made on SLP mode, but compared to most of the stuff I’ve bought, its not so good.

I guess the extra few bucks it would have cost to provide twice as many disks would have really eaten in to their profits on a product with a ~$125 list price.