Firefox aggravation

I installed the latest release of Firefox (0.91) a few days back, and its really frustrating me.

The biggest annoyance is that its now insisting on opening links from other apps, like SharpReader, or Thunderbird, in an existing window. This is bullshit behavior if you ask me and there isn’t any goddamn UI for changing it, unless you count using about:config and setting the obscurely named advanced.system.supportDDEExec to false, which is what I did with the last version. Guess what, the option is still set, but Firefox is ignorning it.

I’m also annoyed by the fact that there isn’t good UI for re-allowing cookies. Mozilla lets you use a menu item to allow or block cookies from the currently displayed site. Its much harder to get to in Firefox. You have to dig into the options dialog and find the site in the long list of sites with blocked cookies and then you can’t dismiss the dialog in the intuitive way because Firefox doesn’t think you’ve changed anything.

Blocking popups is similarly less-simple than under Mozilla. I also think that they should just unify the list of sites for image, popup and cookie blocking and let you toggle each bit separately. Back when I used separate privacy software, I ended up duping most of the block image and block cookie settings.

I’d say something nice, but the window reuse behavior is really annoying me.