Seattle Area VC’s blogs

I spent a little time tonight tracking down blogs from Seattle area Venture Captialists and I’ve posted the list as an OPML file suitable for importing in to at least some RSS readers. At this point, most (or is it all) of the blogs are for VCs at Ignition Partners since they actually have links from their site bios. Their might be VC bloggers at some of the other area firms, but its going to take a bit more work to track them down.

As a half-step in that direction, NW Venture Voice is a group blog which includes contributions by Martin Tobias, John Zagula and Rich Tong of Ignition, along with Kevin Cable of Cascadia Capital and Dave Chen of Olympic Venture Partners (OVP).

John and Rich (no, we aren’t on a first name basis, I’m just too lazy to type their last names again) also have a group blog called Geekfishing.

At this point, I haven’t actually done much more than add the feeds for these blogs to my aggregator, so some or all of them could suck. I’m planning on updating the list as I have the time. I’ll add new blogs I find and will plan to sort any sucky blogs into an innocuously named sub heading called “also of possible interest,” so as not to offend anyone.

Please let me know if you have any additions.