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Bush’s America

All Things Considered had a story tonight on how Bush rallys are limited to ticketholders, and those ticketholders are card carrying, loyalty oath signing Republicans, guaranteing that there is no voice of dissent to muddy the message or confuse the pinhead candidate and his voters. Unsuprisingly, the republicans interviewed thought that this was just great, and reflected the efficiency with which Bush runs the country.

I view this as absolute bullshit. What kind of political campaign is it if people are cut off from the political process? What kind of democracy do we have if only sworn supporters can hear the president of the United States speak?

The more I think about this, the more pissed off I get. Die-hard Bush supports make up at most 1/3rd of the population, they aren’t going to be swayed by any dissenting voices. That isn’t likely to be enough to get re-elected, so he’s going to need to bring others into the fold. So why isn’t he willing to take the chance on a few hecklers for the chance to win over some undecideds? The presidential campaign is in full swing.

I can imagine a few reasons. Is it that it will ruin the image projected to the TV news, this decreacing the propaganda value of the rallys in the mass media? If so, I’m sure that Goebbels would approve, but as a freedom loving American, I don’t much like it. Perhaps they think they have the election in the bag? But why would they, unless Floriday in 2004 was just a dry run?

Paranoid? Perhaps, but I can’t imagine that anything good lying behind such tactics.

This sort of behavior might be defensible in some sort of contested primary, but the presidential primaries are past, the Democratic convention over, and the Republican convention is a forgone conclusion.

The story notes that the Kerry campaign is much more open.

Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes, a Maryland resident is running for the Illinois senate as a Republican against Barak Obama, who made his nation debut to wide acclaim at the Democratic National convention.

Doesn’t this seem wrong? The guy doesn’t even have the decency to rent an apartment in Illinois before announcing his candidacy. I know that this has been happing for quite a while, and I wouldn’t be suprised if it were a bi-partisan practice, but how can this guy represent the people of Illinois when the only ones he knows are the ones are probably the ones that recruited him (if they were even local)?

It’s just bullshit. We are working for the politicians. They should be working for us.

Nastyness July 2004 Archives

Sounds like Mary Jane is a real bitch….

So, this guy reads something on a high-class gossip site about Kirsten Dunst splitting with her actor boyfriend, because, it is asserted, she’s making more money than he is.

So, what does this blogger go do? He links to it, using not one, but two obscentites to describe the actress.

Maybe next time he’ll do the right thing and 1) treat a rumor as a rumor and 2)worry about something more important, like the skewing of priorities and the lowering of standards of civility on the old World Wide Web.