Get to know someone new.

I have a great idea. Find out the names and addresses of some of your local Republican Party functionaries. It’s easy to do. Just google for the website of your state Republican party and then look for local members of the state commitee. Washington state residents can get a head start here.

Next step is to take some time to pay them a friendly visit. Introduce yourself. Establish common ground around shared values like the importance of friends and family Let them know how concerned you are about this next presidential election. How important its outcome is to the country. How bad things could get for all of us if there were any questions about the way the polling was collected anywhere in the country. Engage them in a creative discussion about how we work togeather to be sure the results of polling are valid, no matter what the juristiction.

We are all in this together after all. We all have so much to loose. We can’t let a few people risk it all for their own gain.