Why is Bush Drinking Again?

Look at these pictures. Now ask yourself, what would drive this red faced man with the slack expression back to the bottle again so many years after finding Jesus and cleaning up his act?

Is it the realization that after 3 years in office the economy is still languishing despite running up huge deficits? Is it the realization that the Iraq war has distracted from the real war on terror?

Ask your friends and colleagues if they know why Bush is drinking again?

Note The question is not: “Is Bush drinking again?” The question is “Why is Bush drinking again?” If you ask the latter, and someone asks the former in response, simply restate the proper question: “Why is Bush drinking again?”

22 thoughts on “Why is Bush Drinking Again?

  1. Jenny

    Bush is drinking because everyone seems to think that anything that goes wrong is his fault. That doing and working for yourself is not the way in a free country. They think that liberating a country from a murderous dictatorship is not humanitarian and isnt making the world safer. They think that it all a conspiracy and forget that the government is ran by not only Bush and his administration, but many independents and democrats. This is called checks and balances. I hear generalities against Bush, but no facts that are actually his fault. But I guess thats typical political junk. They think that the hurricane evacuation and aftermath was his fault. Although the local government was just as easily, if not more, to blame. Of course they are democrats, so this could not be mentioned. If I had to deal with this liberal, finger pointing, do nothing for myself, weak spined country, Id be drinking moonshine straight.

  2. eas

    George Bush is in his second term. The house and senate are both majority republican. How is this a liberal contry?

    Bush is the president. He asked for the job, not once, but twice, and it isn’t just “liberals” that are critical of the poor job he’s been doing.

    So you’ve answered the question of why Bush is drinking again by blaming “liberals.” Can you explain what, exactly, an american president should be accountable for, or is it just a ceremonial position with no real power and responsibility?

  3. Jeff

    He is drinking again because he realizes the country is finally seeing through his lies and eventually he will be held accountable. The Iraq fiasco is entirely his own fault and now its falling apart. At the time he weakened the country nearly to the breaking point, 2 hurricanes threaten to bring down the entire house of cards. He realizes bravo is useless and effectively running the country really is hard work. Since he was born with a silver spoon and has never had to work hard, he realizes he is in over his head.

  4. eas

    I refer to him as King George the third after the king of England at the time of this country’s founding. The original King George III was an incompetent who got his position of leadership by “virtue” of birthright.

    Disturbing that the same is so clearly true of George W Bush.

    Now the real question, if he wasn’t drinking when he first ran for president, what else was he “on” that he thought he could do the job for one term, much less two?

  5. nicole

    I will never understand why conservatives stick up for Bush endlessly. I am a moderate and lean towards the democrats. Never once did I defend Clinton for what he did wrong. He was a great president but he royally screwed up with Lewinski.

    Every conservative I talk to however, vigourously defends the president as if he were their own father. I will never understand why he is not called to task even if you support him. He was in San Diego the day the hurricane was going nuts. Is that not at the very least poor judgement?

    It just adds to the ideology of the whole conservative agenda when noone will step out and honestly assess this guy. He is the American emperor….can do wrong because of his bloodline?

  6. Terri

    Bush is an incompetent moran of a liar and I’m sick to death of hearing the jibberish spewed by the brainless neocons who follow him as though in a drug-induced coma, and who believe every word of Republican propaganda uttered by Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox news. Listen up, folks: for the umpteenth time, there were no weapons of mass destruction, no link between Iraq and Al Queda, the war wasn’t about Iraqi freedom, it isn’t about spreading democracy (and who says the US has that right??), and it sure as the heck isn’t about fighting for our freedom and making us safer. And you most certainly can support the troops and not the war! We are on the fast track to becoming the most hated nation in the world, thanks to Bush. Our country was once known for its compassion and fair play. Now we appear as bullies, invading other countries when it pleases us, torturing prisoners, although Rumsfeld and the top brass responsible for giving the orders will never see a courtroom. None of this Aministration is ever held accountable for any of their actions. And the media lets them get away with it. Don’t even say “liberal” media but that’s another example of Republican propaganda.

    We are all Americans, this country belongs to all of us. Why not face the facts about the idiot in the White House and let’s try to do better in the next election?

  7. Pete Riches

    Hi, GeekFun;

    The pics you linked to in “Why is Bush drinking again” have been taken offline. Have you a copy you could let me have? I’m very keen on any info on his dependencies!


  8. fmgnbud

    He is drinking again because he is weak and irresponsible. He attained the presidency because Rove saw him wearing his Air Force jacket (way after he had ditched his military responsibilities) and thought he could merchandise him as a puppet for conservatives. And he lied about and destroyed the reputations of enough other candidates (both Republicans and Democrats) that Bush was elected by people who refused to pay attention to the evidence that Bush was unqualified. (What better evidence of lack of qualification than hiring and paying a big salary to a chronic schemer and liar for the specific purpose of making opponents look bad…Apparently, it was impossible to make Bush look good enough, so they had to engage in politics of personal destruction).

    Bush is drinking because he has never lost his rich-kid frat-boy’s sense of entitlement to do anything he wants because Poppy will bail him out no matter what.

    He is not going to change and I fear his apologists won’t change either….they were stupid and lazy when they voted for him and they are stupid and lazy when they defend him and blame others for the mess we are in.

  9. Jenny

    The mess we are in is not George Bush’s fault. It’s Terrorism, Saddam Hussein, Hurricanes, etc. Im not saying he is perfect, but he is not the monster that the Media creates. We went into Iraq because Saddam turned away UN Weapons inspectors over 8 times. We were given intelligence that he had been trying to get Weapons of mass destruction. Although it has not been proven there are these weapons in place, it was our knowledge at the time. Kerry and Clinton both agreed that it was likely that he had weapons also. I watched The Butcher of Bagdad on the History Channel and it showed a clip of Clinton saying that the Middle East would never be at peace until Saddam Hussein was taken out of power. The majority of the US agreed we needed to do something with the info that we were given. The President said this was not going to be a short term fight, that it would be a long process and asked America to stay strong. Instead we are breaking. The insurgents are more than what we predicted and we are struggling. Although my cousin is over there, and says they are building schools, public buildings, and some many great things. After World War II, in Germany we had fighting for 8 years. The soldiers themselves have asked us to let them finish their mission.
    When I was a young girl I couldnt understand why there even were wars. But I didnt understand that there are very evil people out there. And many who want to kill us. And I want to kill anyone who wants to kill me.

    We have not had a Terrorism attack since 9/11. I think we are fighting the war on Terrorism rather well. We have stopped numerous attacks.

    I voted for Clinton to help Health Care, 8 years, nothing. On top of that, My mother lost her prescripton drug care with Medicare during his administration. She is now getting it back in Bush’s administration.

    The Hurricanes were by Mother Nature, whether Bush was in San Diego or Timbuktu. The local administration, as well as on the Federal level, were responsible for the late response. Not Bush alone. And yes, we made mistakes, but be lucky you live in a country where there is a government that will help. Most countries do not have a FEMA or even a Red Cross.

    Im following facts, not general feelings that are sapposed to tug at my heartstrings.

  10. Lori

    Bush is not drinking again. There’s plenty of evidence that he never stopped. He is a weak, stupid cowardly little man who deserves everything he’s going to get. As for the idiots who still believe the neocon lines about Saddam, WMD’s, reasons for going into Iraq and every other fucking lie that comes out of these crooks’ mouths, go crawl back into your ignorant little holes. The reign of the INCREDIBLY STUPID is soon to be over.

  11. jeanne

    Jenny, Jenny, Jenny…..
    How does one become so invested in enying any shred of reality? Political strife has caused ole W to hit the bottle? Why isn’t kerry drinking then? or AL Gore? or any other grown adult who put him/herself out there in to the line of the slings and arrows that come with the political life? How can W’s ineptitudes be the fault of people who simply don’t agree with him? Why do you need so badly to take up for him and keep re-iterating his mythology of vague boogeymen and intolerance and departure from all substantive evidence? Why? What is up that so many people have to cloak themselves in a fiction? Can you not see the degradation of our well-being, our civil liberties. our national infrastructure? Have the billions of $ alotted to the Dept. of Homeland Security bought any safety for the people of the Gulf Coast? What is that FEDERAL MONEY (read TAX PAYERS” MONEY) supposed to be for if the states are on their own when crisis hits? WHAT IS THE MONEY FOR? WAS IT MONEY WELL SPENT ( 200 billion$) to DESTROY IRAQ and start a civil war that has taken 100,000 lives and turned our young servicepeople into savage, amoral shells of humans?. Are you a member of the insanely rich elite? If so, why not tell it like it is and say, “Hey this administration is GOOD FOR ME and to hell with everyone else?” Why live like this? Why Jenny Why?

  12. jeanne

    Jenny, I in no way wish to generalize about your cousin in the service. My reference is to the pornographizing of war that is now in evidence all over the Internet. Go to “Now that’s F–cked up”.com to see what the soldiers are seeing and sending out to the world in the name of this “WAR On TERROR.”

  13. graz

    “We have not had a Terrorism attack since 9/11. I think we are fighting the war on Terrorism rather well. We have stopped numerous attacks.”

    You didnt have any before either, now did you..

  14. jeanne

    Why were the Saudi’s— personal Bush family friends—whisked out of the US when airspace was closed to regular American citizens in the two days after 9/11/01?

  15. Todd

    I really like how this is stated,”Why is bush drinking again?” Once again the question is designed to avoid the truth. Go ahead liberals, live in your wonderland that is totally void of facts. Live in the realm that the more you say something the more you think it is true. The land where the Republicans all wear black, have fat wallets and kick puppies as a hobby.
    The truth is a hard thing to face. Programs, policies and success should be based on results that come from action. How a liberals now work is by feel good policy and nice packaging that focuses on the support it will gain and not the results. Currently the democrats are sidelined and pointing fingers but not doing anything to help. I could go on but I have some work to do.
    In closing, it sure is funny that this is all focused on a fititious question that has no base in truth. Even if it were true and we were to say it’s just booze. That is very similar to the recent cries of “it’s just sex” or “he only lied about sex” What about the Quagmire in Bosinia? Somolia? We are still ther you know.

  16. Jenny

    Exactly Todd. Facts and results.

    And to Graz, “You didnt have any before either, now did you..”, you do know that 9/11 wasnt the first time the towers were attacked by terrorists? As a matter of fact, it wasnt even the 2nd time.

  17. jeanne

    Oy. So how about those jet-setting Bin Ladens back in Sept 2001. And what are the “program, policies and actions” that we should all be applauding? Just exactly what are you talking about. It has been some time since I’ve heard tell of the QUAGMIRE in Bosnia! How about reading a newspaper that isn’t 10 years old, Todd. By the way, is that “work you’ve got to get to” going down and signing up for the Armed Service? Didn’t think so, Rambo. Who cares if Bush is drunk or sober–we is the king of fools.

  18. jeanne

    What is the American death toll out of Somalia and Bosnia? How about the civilian death toll? Oh that’s right– death tolls are irrelevant. Lets go back to what did they do with the money? For Iraq and for “Homeland Security?”

  19. eas

    Todd, I agree, we should evaluate bush based on results. Perhaps you can point me a preponderance of positive results for bush policies?

    Pretty much everything I look at shows signs of incompetence, ignorance and naked greed. It seems I’m not the only one. Less than a year ago, a majority of americans appearantly voted Bush a second term, now a much larger majority think he’s doing a crap job. The thing that gets me is that he was doing a crap job a year ago (or two years ago, or three). If only the electorate had figured it out sooner.

    Oh, Todd, the Republicans are the premier practitioners of “truth through the repetition of lies” in this country right now (they call it “staying on message”). The problem they are having now is that one can only deny the truth for so long before cold hard reality kicks your ass.

  20. eas

    I’m going to close comments on this post since the post was a year old and the topic of the discussion has strayed pretty far from using Karl Rove’s Orwellian techniques to undermine Bush the candidate (techniques that Rove has turned against Bush’s opponents, like John McCain, in the past).

    If you want to continue the discussion elsewhere, post a link in the next day or so before I turn comments off.

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