Daily Archives: September 9, 2004


I was just reading a blog called “democrats for bush.” (i’m not going to do the owner the favor of linking to it) The author seems to feel the left isn’t hardnosed enough on the issue of terrorism. In some ways, I agree about the positions of some on the left. Even so, I don’t get how he moves from such a blanket generalization to the point of endorsing Bush.

Somehow he seems to believe that Bush is doing a great job in the war on terror. Why isn’t clear. Why he accepts that invading Iraq has anything to do with the war on terror is even less clear, especially when the rhetoric he uses seems to match the administrations own shifting rationale that now emphasizes liberation of the Iraqi people as the justifcation for invading, which in my mind has less to do with a war on terror than the origianl WMD rationale.

I ended up writing a long rant as a reply to one of his posts, but it was rejected for being too long, so I’m just posting it here as an extended entry. Continue reading