Marshall Poison: RIP

It’s my sad duty to announce that Marshall Poison, my collaborator, is dead.

We had a falling out over a woman and a jar of pickled vegetables (or something) and in the ensuing scuffle, I must have hit him pretty damn hard, because when the dust cleared, my hair was a mess, and old Marshall had gone to meet his maker.

In the aftermath, I wasn’t sure what to do with this weblog. As you can see, Marshall has been the driving force since its inception. I may have provided the technical know-how, weighed in on subject matter and editorial tone, but Marshall did all the day to day work and I wasn’t sure Geekfun could continue without his contribution.

It took some hard thinking, but I realized that Marshall’s passing presented me with a new opportunity, and so, I decided to abuse my position as Marshall’s literary executor and appropriate everything he has written as a foundation for my own turn at writing this blog. I may not do better than he has, but I’m sure you can all agree, it would be hard to do worse.

Rest in Peace, Marshall Poison.