More of Bush’s failures

Holy Zarqawi – Why Bush let Iraq’s top terrorist walk. By Daniel Benjamin

This article details yet another Bush failure in Iraq.

Specifically, the Bush administration justified its invasion of Iraq in part on the fact that a terrorist with likely ties to Bin Ladin was operating on Iraqi soil (though in territorry the Kurd’s controlled with the help of US airpower), but it made no plans to deal with him. In fact, it repeatedly ignored plans put forward by the CIA to neutralize him

That terrorist was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the same terrorist claiming responsibility for attacks within Iraq ranging from the execution of 49 police recruits this last week, to scores of truck and car bombings, to the execution of multiple hostages.

Bush’s failure to dispatch al-Zarqawi, like his failure to deal with the tons and tons of high explosives that have gone missing since the invasion, are two more reasons why things are going so badly in Iraq.

The root cause is clear right now: Bush and his team are fuck-ups. Do not wait until after the election to figure that out. It’s time for some accountability. It’s time to throw Bush out.