Which Wiki?

I’d like to set up a Wiki, but which one?

I installed MoinMoin about a year ago but didn’t end up doing the project I installed it for and at this point would rather try something new.

Basically, I’m looking for;

1) Easy to install
2) Attractive URLs. MoinMoin’s URLs looked like crap in the CGIWrap environment I ran it in.
3) Ability to attach files
4) Ability to include images
5) Ability to set read/write permissions on subtrees.
6) Versioning without a dependancy on CVS
7) RSS Feeds of changes
8) Inclusion or plug-in integration of a simple WYSIWYG editor.
9) Abilty to do Wiki level read/write permissions
10) Python, PHP, Perl, but not Java due to the constraints of my web-host.

Also nice but not important.
-Sortable/filterably lists
-Structured Data in pages
-Easily created aggregate view of pages with Structured data.

Any suggestions?