GeekFun Links is again

Back when I was using Blogger, I used to have a linkblog called, cleverly, “Geekfun Links.” I tried to use Geekfun Links as a spot to blog stuff I thought was cool, but wasn’t going to say much about.

I’ve decided to dust it off again and wire it up to the cool blogging integration in Onfolio’s new version 2 beta. I just wish their blockquoting of text snippets was better.

One thought on “GeekFun Links is again

  1. Mike

    This is Mike from Onfolio. I posted a reply to your forum request and have some newly updated info for you. Rather than waiting until the next release for more customizable blog posting to fix this for you, we have decided to add the posting of full content for snippets to the 2.0 release. This functionality will be available in the next version to be released before final. I have made a note of this in the forum as well. Thanks again for the feedback.

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