The evil

This is interesting. I’ve noticed that most of the hits on my site come from A little digging shows that “it’s been a major spammer”: of blog comments and Wikis.

In general * is a major source of spam on my site. I’d like to block the whole ISP at the webserver level by modifying my .htaccess file. Looking through my logs, it looks like 148.144.15.X and 207.248.240.X are the offending address blocks.

That should help.

9 thoughts on “The evil

  1. Daniel

    It’s a proxy. I’m using it right now. Feel free to block it, I don’t think that anyone needs to use it.

  2. Alden Bates

    Yup, those IP numbers will work. I have them blocked on my site – seems to be the favourite open proxy of a couple of spammers who’ve targetted my blog. I also found that implementing some .htaccess rules I found at Spam Huntress’ site completely blocked one particular bunch of spammers…

  3. eas

    Well, that is iritating, all this time I thought it was blocked, but because of the way my webserver is setup, the cgi-bin directory, where their favorite target lives, wasn’t protected.

  4. Tina

    I have noticed this IP on my web stats just recently and got to thinking that it was a proxy. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to block it. The person I feel is using it is a deranged psychotic ex wife of my husband, she visits several times a day and since this IP has been visiting her visits have stopped.

    Please Help!!

  5. Kenneth Reece

    I am getting the same spammers on our guestbook and this last week has been HORRIBLE! I manual block the ip address when it shows up but I have noticed that it is not showing up all the time now (meaning when someone signs the book I can see their ip address)

    Any suggestions as to how I can block spammers like this in a guestbook format?


  6. Raps

    Hi Im Raps or SirHackAlot. For an easy way to block Ip’s, why dont you use some thing simple like PeerGard2 I am some one who is atacked by the day keeping known flodders of my network is something i am use

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