Delicious Monster

I’m sitting at the University Village outpost of Zoka. Next to me are a couple of guys from Delicious Monster, who make a cataloging application for the Mac called Delicious Library.

They have been bitching loudly for the past 10 or 15 minutes while one of them seems to be Instant Messaging with the rep for some sort of Mac dealer chain (maybe the Apple Store).

At the root, it is natural comiseration about the frustrations of maintaining a business relationship, but the attitude is rather arrogant and negative, it’s being spoken loudly in a public place and the result is that it makes me not like them very much. I wonder what will happen if Steve Jobs takes and interest in what they are doing and launches a competing product. Will their arrogance be any match for Steve’s?

2 thoughts on “Delicious Monster

  1. William Jon Shipley

    You seriously are calling us arrogant after you eavesdropped on one of us and read private messages? Do you also look down women’s shirts and then post about what sluts they must be?

  2. eas

    There was no need to somehow read private messages. Your unintentional public representatives were talking loudly in a public place. One of them was giving a play-by-play of his ongoing IM conversation to his coworker and anyone else within 15 feet who didn’t have their headphones crammed over their ears.

    Or perhaps the two of them thought they were the only people there of any consequence.

    Your response only reinforces my original assesment.

    I’ll let your attempt to smear me as a hypocritical peeping tom stand as what it is, a pathetic ad hominem attack.

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