As Seen On TV!

I rarely look beyond the front page at “Slashdot”: these days because any insigtful community commentary is usually lost among the thought-free braying of anti-Microsoft zealots. A couple times a week though, I’ll look beyond the front page, and if I manage to find an insightful or informed post, I might even click on the author and read anything else they’ve posted recently.

Last night I was reading a thread about apple starting to distribute video via the iTunes music store when I came across a poster who goes byAs Seen On TV. He was making some well considered and well informed points about Apple’s place in the content business, and he was using the royal “we” when representing Apple’s position.

He’s clearly an Apple employee, and people are “already speculating”: about who he is (assuming, no doubt incorrectly, that he is near the top of the hierarchy.)

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