Intel and Apple at the low-end

DigiTimes reports that “Intel may be leaving the entry-level chipset market”: I don’t know anything about the source, but if this is true, I wonder what it means for Apple, who, it’s been assumed, is going to make ample use of Intel’s hardware platform offereings (including chipsets and motherboards) as part of their transition from PowerPC to Intel. The Mac Mini, with its extremely low price point, would seem to be left hanging if Intel exits this market segment, which would give other vendors their opportunity to get their foot in the door with Apple and establish a chance for moving upmarket at some point in the future.

bq. Intel plans to phase out its 865 and 915PL/GL chipsets in the fourth quarter and exit the entry-level chipset market, sources with motherboard makers revealed. Intel has only told some first-tier mobo makers and OEM clients about the decision, and the company is not expected to make a public announcement, the sources said.

via “Anandtech”:

*Update:* “According to”: , Intel denies that it is exiting the low-end of the market. On the other hand, it sounds like they may have a rather large gap between product generations at the low end of the line. The timing may not impact apple, but it could send system vendors elsewhere when shopping for components for the low end of their product lines. If true, it seems that Intel needs to work on their execution (once again).

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