Bit by Bit

Last week I mentioned that I’m “helping out with infrastructure”: to prepare for the release of the next Harvey Danger album. At the time, I could only hint at why it was important, but last week, “the band announced”: that they will be releasing the album as free download on the net a couple of weeks after the CD goes on sale.

Today, “Jeff layed out more details”: on how the release is going to work. In the coming weeks, expect to see more from Jeff on the thinking behind this bold move.

bq. Sept. 13 — Album (deluxe double-CD edition) released in stores
Sept. 20 — Electronic version of the album seeded to Bittorrent
Sept. 27 — Electronic version of album available for download from

p. Until a week or so ago, I was viewing the Bittorrent as checklist item that would be cool and fun to do even though most people would end up using the web download, but now I’m pretty excited about it, especially since there will be a full week between the bittorrent release and the http release.

I’d intended to post more tonight about the considerations I’ve been working through to get the infrastructure planned and deployed, but its past my bedtime, so it will have to wait. So, come back here for more on the “How,” and keep an eye on “Jeff’s blog”: for the “Why.”

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