I ask again, “Why is Bush Drinking Again?”

I checked the visitor statistics for Geekfun tonight and was suprised to see that I’ve racked up an unusual number of visits over the past few hours, and most have been looking at a single post I wrote over a year ago titled “Why is Bush Drinking Again?”:http://www.geekfun.com/2004/09/08/why-is-bush-drinking-again/.

A little investigation revealed that most of them were searching for some variation on “bush drinking again” on Google, where my post is appearantly on the first page. I get a hit every couple of days from people searching for the same terms, and my first thought was that Google had adjusted their index in the last day or so, and I’d gotten bumped to the first page of results. A little investigation proved otherwise.

It looks like National Enquirer has a new story that Laura caught GWB taking a shot of booze at Crawford recently. All sorts of “blogs have picked it up”:http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=en&q=%22bush+drinking+again%22&btnG=Search+Blogs. Most of them are asking “Is Bush Drinking Again?” At this point, none of them are asking “Why is Bush drinking again?”:http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=en&q=%22why+is+Bush+drinking+again%22&btnG=Search+Blogs The difference might subtle, but it is important, something I’m sure Karl Rove can appreciate.

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