Blogs I Should Read More Often

I’ve had “World Changing’s”: full-text RSS feed in my aggregator for most of 2005. It’s a really great group blog focused on the potential for using technology to enable a better, more equitable and sustainable future for all the worlds inhabitants. I’d like to find a way to make a personal contribution to the topics it covers. Ironalically, I’ve ended up moving it to my “Best of Intentions” folder, which is where I put blogs that I really want to read, but can’t seem to keep up with, usually due to some combination of posting volume and depth of the thought in the postings. I do read it from time to time, and I’m always glad that I made the time.

Another blog I should read more often is “Deepfreeze9”: by Pierre de Vries who I had opportunity to meet when I was working on a project to create a new business incubator at Microsoft. Rather than strain my pre-caffinated brain trying to come up with a short, tart, description that does it justice, I’ll just encourage you to read it and come to your own conclusion.

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