One down

Tookie Williams has, hopefully, made his last stop before execution.

Under other circumstances an amoral sociopath with leadership skills like Williams could become Vice President, Speaker of the House or even Commander in Chief. It’s a shame, of course, that Cheney, De Lay, and Bush may never pay the ultimate price for their crimes, but that’s no reason to spare Tookie Williams for the murders he committed, and all the more blood that will be spilled as part of his legacy as founder of the Crips.

No hollow deathbed confession can wash the blood from his hands or the evil from his stained soul. Good riddance, asshole.

3 thoughts on “One down

  1. Maria

    I have known Tookie.

    He was changed and they have killed a -now- nice man.

    But off course you always known where is the good and who should live or die.

    Have a nice day, without any doubt. If only I can be like you.

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