Harvey Danger, still DRM-free

Appearantly the latest “Coldplay”:http://www.coldplay.com/index.php CD comes “locked down with DRM”:http://www.boingboing.net/2006/01/01/coldplays_new_cd_has.html and comes with a “handy little card”:http://itch.in/journal/bad-bad-coldplay outlining all the things you can’t do with the CD you just bought. Things like play it on your iPod, or return it because you can’t do shit with it.

Even more amusing, it’s the Indian release of the album that comes so loaded with shit.

The solution is obvious, screw Coldplay, and screw Virgin Records. Go and “download a high quality, DRM-free encoding of Little by Little”:http://harveydanger.com/downloads, the latest album from “Harvey Danger”:http://harveydanger.com. If you like it, you can donate or buy a DRM-free physical copy, complete with cool album art and an awesome bonus disc “directly from the band.”:http://harveydanger.com/store

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