Stupid South Dakota Tricks

North Dakota is loosing population. South Dakota’s population is growing in absolute terms, but shrinking relative to the entire population of the US. South Dakota’s legislature is confronting the issue. They are banning abortion and, no doubt, lining their pockets with contributions from right wing pressure groups.

3 thoughts on “Stupid South Dakota Tricks

  1. Christina

    Did it never occur to you that, given its amazingly low abortion rate, it could just be that the citizens of South Dakota simply have no enthusiasm for abortion, and therefore don’t want it happening in their state?

  2. eas Post author

    If South Dakotans are so disinclined to get abortions anyway, why the need to make it illegal?

    Also, why do South Dakotans seem to give a rapist more rights over a womans womb than the woman herself? Or are they going to also pass a law requiring rapists to use condoms?

  3. eas Post author

    So, Christina. It seems that the citizens of South Dakota weren’t so high on the law after all. It’s looking like it’s going to be overturned by a handy margin.

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