Geekfun Retrospective for the Week Ending 9/24/06

This is a look back at the posts on this past week.

  • The first post of the week didn’t come until Wed. It was a self-absorbed lament titled “I Can’t Write.” Ironically, it’s probably the best written post of the week, if only because it is the briefest. Even so, it’s a useless post. Narcissism can command the same fascinated attention as a train wreck, but only if the self absorption lacks any hint of self-awareness. This post is too self-aware, it’s about as likely to get attention as an ansty teenager writing poems in his secret journal.
  • Next up, a rather dull post about installing a new version of, “K2 0.9.1,” a WordPress template system. My guess, no one reading this blog really cares about the event or the bland observations it occasioned.
  • Sunday occasioned three posts. The first “Is Rojo Log Spamming?” identifies questionable behavior by a bot run by Rojo, a web-based feed aggregator with a minor following. The principled stand taken at the end of the post lacks any drama because neither the author, nor the reader have anything at stake in the whole “controversy,” or the action taken in protest.
  • The next post for Sunday is “Bandwidth, it’s getting more expensive,” which takes an contrarian view of the notion that bandwidth is getting cheaper. The analysis and conclusions are food for thought, but really, couldn’t it have been shorter?
  • The final post for Sunday is this one, which seeks to offer a short critique of each of the other posts from the past week. It succeeds after a fashion, and probably exceeds any of the attempts at criticism the writer turned in to his English professors while in college, but it’s still questionable whether it’s worth the effort taken by the author to write it, or his readers to read it.

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