Orkut Invite?

I’m researching the presence of alumni from my Alma Matter on various online social networks as part of my general interest in improving our alumni association’s effectiveness.

I’m (nominally) on Myspace, FaceBook, Livejournal, Friendster and Tribe, but I’d like to check out Orkut, but I don’t know if I know anyone who is already a member, so I’ll ask here, is there anyone who can set me up with an invite?

3 thoughts on “Orkut Invite?

  1. Colin Roy

    I am looking for an invite to Orkut…

    I have noticed a huge influx of visitors to my website from Orkut, but i can’t get in to find out what is being talked about and linked.

    my name is colin roy
    my email is xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I appreciate it.


    eas: anyone else think that colin is using my blog to try and build up links to his website? I know I do, which is why I removed his link.

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