Google Reader: A bit better than last week

When I first tried the latest version of Google Reader, I considered making it my browser homepage, but then I discovered that it’s AJAXyness made it impossible to bookmark anything but an overview page.  I wanted to bookmark the river of news for all my subscriptions.  I poked around in the settings, but there was no preference I could set, until today.  They’ve just rolled out a small update that makes it possible to select the starting view.

Official Google Reader Blog: We made it (a little bit) better
Pick your start page: You can now select which page you’d like to see when you first log in to Reader (“Home”, “All items”, or any folder or tag). Simply go to settings and on the Preferences tab pick which one you’d like to see.

I’m liking it so far.  Though I wish it were a little smoother about loading additional items when I get to the bottom of the page.

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