I’m un-Cured!

I just purged my iPod of a bunch of long dirgey Cure songs from some concert bootleg I downloaded. For the last year I’ve been skipping them pretty much every time they come up on shuffle play, so the purge is long over due.

I’ve been listening to a bit of each track to see if any of them are worth saving, and I’ve got to say, it’s a wonder more teenagers don’t off themselves. I mean, as I recall, listening to the Cure made me feel better, which means I must have been feeling pretty crappy.

Not the night of my first and only Cure concert though. I think I was 15, summer was coming to an end. My “girlfriend” bit me painfully hard on the neck, and then disappeared until I found her making out with some fucking preppy in the lobby. The music was no solace when I went back into the cow palace and the PA crushed my brain with sound.

I’m not getting rid of all my Cure tracks though. I’m keeping the earlyish studio stuff, and some live tracks from another tour. The Dream Tour is right out though. I’ve only found one or two tracks that I’m even tempted to keep.

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