Rethinking Geekfun

Geekfun has been around a long time. It was going to be the title of a recurring column I was going to write for “the Stranger”: It never made it past one installment (why I thought it was a good idea writing an article on Beet pigments when I’d orginally been approached because of my opinions on computing & hi-tech is a mystery to this day).

I registered the domain a decade ago this Thursday, and I’ve been using it for my primary personal e-mail for almost as long. In the late ’90s I imagined making Geekfun a forum for my pithy opinions on technology and culture, but I didn’t actually publish anything until August of 2001 and my early posts weren’t anything more than quick links to pages I found interesting. The truth is, Geekfun never really met me own expectations.

So, it’s time to take stock of what Geekfun is, and figure out what I should do with it. Right now my inclination is to start something new under a pseudonym and put into suspended animation.

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