Move On Piles On

MoveOn is trying to capitalize on John McCain’s recent gaff. I really wish they wouldn’t, because this is what they have come up with for a fundraising e-mail:

Have you seen the video?

At a campaign stop on Wednesday, Sen. John McCain was asked what to do about Iran. His response? He sang “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.”


Seriously, yes, I have seen the video. Some bellicose little weasel tried asking a rambling question about, basically, bombing Iran. From what I could tell, McCain, by singing his little song, was mocking the whole premise. I don’t know what else he said next, because all the clips I’ve seen, including the one MoveOn links to, cut off there.

I don’t like McCain, but I dislike an adolescent pile-on more.

I’m thrilled that American politics is conducted at the level of teenaged innuendo. As much as I’d like to point fingers at Karl Rove, he’s just a symptom of a systemic infection.

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