Lust, cussing and ambivalence: Erik considers the iPhone

Ok, I really want an iPhone, but I really don’t want an iPhone.

On the plus side: Shiny shiny shiny shiny. I could almost choke down
the price.

On the down side: HOWMANYFUCKINGDOLLARS?!?!?!?!?!?, AT&T, slowww-ass
internet for $50something a month. AT&T Fuckin Ed Whitacre, feudal
cocksucker. SLOOW. No 3rd party apps unless you are Google. No
upgradeable memory. HOWMANYFUCKINGDOLLARS?!?!?!?!?!? AND tied to AT&T
and their slowww-ass mobile internet.

Oh, but so shiny.

I’m considering slaking my lust with a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC.
Cheaper. Not as shiny. Open platform (down to the OS). WiFi only,
but theoretically can piggyback on a bluetooth phone for internet access.

The last one is probably the clincher. If I can figure that one out, I may do it.

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