iPhone Mania, or maybe, not

At about 8:30 this evening I was in the neighborhood of the Seattle Apple Store in University Village. I swung by to see what the crowds were like.

There weren’t any. There were some people milling about out front, along with a couple of Seattle cops.

There seemed to be a lot of Apple associates waiting at the door, and there were a few customers inside, which gives me the impression they hadn’t sold out yet, and weren’t in any rush to.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of iPhones on eBay that are getting bid up towards or past $1000. Perhaps more interesting, people are selling iPhone related e-mail addresses, like unlocked_apple_iphone_4_sale@yahoo.com, some are bid up over $500.

Just for kicks I decided to check out domain names and found that unlockediphoneforsale.com was unregistered, so I went ahead and picked it up.

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