Stop Forcing Your Crippled Mobile Sites onto my iPhone

More and more sites are detecting iPhones and helpfully forcing them to use crippled mobile versions of their sites. In most cases, the inflicted version is a completely crippled version designed to be viewed on crappy mobile phone browsers (hello, Yahoo). In other cases it’s been nicely optimized for the iPhone except that it lacks 90% of the features of the main site (HELLO FACEBOOK).

Please, Please STOP. If you want to do me a favor by helping me find your underdeveloped mobile site at least give me an easy option for using your main site.

I bought an iPhone because I wanted access to the whole web from my phone. Forcing me into your half-assed mobile version is a step backwards and makes me hate you. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

6 thoughts on “Stop Forcing Your Crippled Mobile Sites onto my iPhone

  1. Tonie

    I totally agree! I would like to know how you can block or reverse yahoo to see the regular page again? I was using yahoo on my iphone for three weeks and today I am in this crap version. I can’t believe that there is no way to opt out. Please let me know if there is a way out?

  2. Colette

    yeah the myspace mobile site is aweful, and it won’t let you go to the regular site! I am usually a full apple supporter, but honestly we pay 500 dollars for a phone and we can’t even message our friends? And as a side note I can’t take actual pictures on my iPhone anymore, ive reset all the settings and nothing works. If anyone has any tips please let me know. Thanks much!

  3. Mark

    Picasa is another. Google search engine offers a choice so why can they not do the same with picasa. If I want their crappy little sites I could have saved myself some money and stuck with my regular mobile phone. I emailed google and got a reply with a link to a google mobile products page.I’ve got an iPhone I don’t need your ****ing mobile products.

  4. Bob

    I feel the same way. I’m tired of having such limited features with mobile site on my iPhone. The fact that there is not an option on most mobile pages to use the full site sickens me. I feel completely limited after paying an arm and a leg for my iPhone.

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