Qwest DSL Tech Support is a Joke

My Qwest.net DSL internet was down for 2.5 days.  After an hour on tech support they decided to send me a new DSL modem.  It arrived today, and I hooked it up., and guess what?  Everything worked, but not for the reason you might think.

Back when this all started, I told the tech that my router was complaining about authentication errors, but she brushed that off. In the process though, the installation process for the new device ended up resetting the password for my internet service, so I decided to try the new password with the old modem.  Guess what?  It worked too!

I’m still not sure what happened in the first place. I tried resetting the newly assigned password to my old password, and Qwest said it was too long.

So, now I have two DSL modems, but it looks like I have to return one, or I’ll get charged for the new one.  Which one to send back?  The new one is an Actiontec GT701.  Its actually a full featured router, but Actiontec doesn’t have a good rep for reliability, from what I can tell.  I think I’m keeping my old Cisco 678.

3 thoughts on “Qwest DSL Tech Support is a Joke

  1. Joyce

    I have an Actiontec Router and it has been wonderful. Never had a problem. Maybe you should give it a chance?

  2. eas Post author

    Hi Joyce. I lost enough time on this particular issue. Since the problem wasn’t my old, reliable cisco, I decided to stick with it and sent the actiontec back. I’ll have to change once Quest finally offers their higher-speed internet in my neighborhood, but until then…

  3. Sys Pro

    I agree EAS that Qwest DSL tech support is a joke. Calls into tech support are routed to the India call center. The operators there at the call center have no idea of what they are talking about or how to deal with the problems at hand. If you do get in touch with operators in India through the automated Qwest DSL repair line – You need to request to talk to a technician in the USA who can handle technical issues. The operators at the India call center are rude, put you on hold and come back with a basket full of nonsense and garbage information. They have no idea of what a DSLAM is, what it means to be directly connected to the DEMARK, what you are talking about when you reference DSL speed tests (speakeasy.net/speedtest or speedtest.qwest.net).

    About the authentication issue you ARE having with Qwest DSL – it is not isolated. As a Network Engineer I have talked to other engineers across the US that have the same problem you and I are having. In Minnesota I have had weeks of up and down authentication issues with Qwest DSL service. One trouble ticket after another.

    Multiple neighbors of mine that have Qwest DSL service have the same problem. Don’t allow them to point a finger and say it’s your CPE (Customer Premise Equipment or wiring). Get in touch with your local Public Utilities Commission and file a complaint.

    Sure you may have older wiring in your household (CAT 3) and this wiring may not give you the speed you are paying QWEST for. However the authentication issue (Up and down connections) is not an effect of speed.

    If you go for the Actiontec in the future make sure it has the firmware upgrade to either ADSL2 or better yet ADSL2+ otherwise the Actiontec will only be able to transmit and receive at 8Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream.

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