What I Want

I’m thinking about how to revamp this website, and also rethink my presence of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr.  I’m not quite sure what I want, but some of the problems I’ve noticed:

  • These days, I often share links and things on Facebook, because that’s where most of my friends are, but then they are locked up on Facebook, which makes them hard to go back to even a few weeks later, and its only going to be worse when I move on from Facebook.  Also, any comments/discussion things I post provoke end up trapped in Facebook.
  • If I post things elsewhere, like Twitter, Flickr, or even directly on this blog, people I know often don’t find out about them.
  • I think I want to create a division between my personal and professional presence on the web.
  • I think I want to create some single-subject blogs, but still have them discoverable on Geekfun.

Just as I’m not entirely clear on the problem, I’m not entirely clear on the solution, but again, I have some ideas.

  • Whenever practical, my interaction should be with a single self-hosted software package so that I have control and flexibility.  At this point, I’m assuming that I would be using WordPress, plus some plugins to automatically push updates to Flickr, Facebook & Twitter.
  • When it isn’t practical to publish through a self-hosted tool, updates, photos, etc posted to other sites/services, like Facebook, should also appear my own site as if it was published there directly.
  • Updates, photos, etc distributed to other services should link back to the original, canonical copy of the update.
  • Some easy way of routing updates

Pieces of the puzzle:

  • WordPress on this and other blogs.
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare, Gowilla, or some other location-oriented service.
  • Posts on other sites via BackType and Diqus.
  • Photos uploaded to Flickr
  • Status updates, links, photos, etc that I share on Facebook.

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