Why I blog on Geekfun.com

I’ve been blogging on Geekfun for a little over a decade, and from time to time I question the whole enterprise. Actually, that isn’t entirely true, sometimes it seems I spend more time questioning the whole enterprise than I actually spend blogging. Other times, I manage to do both at the same time. This post is an example of the latter.

I was again thinking about why I have this blog, and what I should do with it, and I thought I’d try and put those thoughts in writing. That is the essence of this blog. This blog is me writing down what I’m thinking about. Doing so helps me focus and clarify my thoughts.

Often, that is all it is, but sometimes, it is an opportunity to share my thinking, or what I’ve learned, with other people. This blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so it is a stretch to use “popular” to describe anything I post here, but the most popular posts on this blog tend to be those where I’ve shared some little practical tip.

But getting back to the role of this blog as part of my thought process, it could be even more useful in that regard if it was also a way to solicit other people’s comments. Occasionally a post will provide fertile ground for discussion, but more often than that, they are sterile islands of thought. My thinking benefits from writing them, but that is as far as it goes. I could start to remedy that by posting links to places where friends and acquaintances will find them, like Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

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