Apple’s Tim Cook Mr. Popular at retreat of media execs.

The NYTimes reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook has a very busy schedule of private meetings with media company executives at the Allen Co. conference in Sun Valley this week. It’s a reminder of how far Google and Amazon have to go withtheir digital media strategies.

I don’t think media companies love Apple; consider all they did in trying to beat back Apple’s dominance in distribution of digital music, and realize that there is more of that to come with movies, TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. Even so, they can’t afford to ignore Apple, and they sure as hell don’t trust Google or Amazon either?

But her they are, already doing a good business selling their wares through iTunes in dozens of countries, eager for face time with Tim Cook to hear about and influence Apple’s plans, while Google and Amazon are still trying to secure enough content to start selling a full range of downloadable and streamable digital media beyond the US. Right now Apple’s addressable market for media oriented hardware and content has to be 2-3x as large as either Google’s or Amazon’s, and their penetration of that larger market is much deeper as as well.

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